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Welcome to Ament Landscaping

Founded in 1982 by Gregory Ament, Ament Landscaping is an established, full-service landscaping company located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With over 25 years of commercial and residential landscaping experience, Gregg and his company provide the highest level and quality of service, at a competitive price. Ament Landscaping's goal is to provide the best landscape services for their customers' commercial or residential property that meets their aesthetic, budget and maintenance parameters. Ament Landscaping has the depth of knowledge and experience to eliminate costly mistakes, and to protect the customers' investment.

Professional Landscaping Design, Installation, Maintenance
From design, to installation, to maintenance, Ament Landscaping prepares professional estimates and contracts to ensure that their customers understand the full scope and cost of their landscaping project before actual work begins. For detailed information, visit Landscape Design Process

Hands-On Services:
Ament Landscaping provides a full range of quality services including:

  • landscape design
  • landscape installation
  • landscape maintenance

With a personal, "hands-on" approach, Gregg Ament works with commercial property managers, facility managers and homeowners to ensure that their project is executed properly and meets their expectations addressing any service issues in a timely manner. Gregg Ament stands behind his company's work. He guides his customers so that they may maintain their landscape investment for years to come. For detailed information, visit Landscaping Services

Contact Us:
Call us today at 412.833.8660


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