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Landscape Design Process

Gregg Ament is a "hands-on" owner who manages every aspect of his company and the services that Ament Landscaping provides. He works with commercial property managers, facility managers and individual homeowners. He meets with each of them to carefully review their needs and to define the scope of the project clearly from the start. He provides detailed, accurate estimates and contracts, so projects do not exceed budgets without prior approval and all defined work is completed. Gregg Ament helps his customers achieve their landscaping goals with an eye for detail and long-term planning for the future.

Customer Commitment
As a professional landscaping company, Ament Landscaping is committed to providing their customers with quality landscape service.

  • Ament Landscaping works in a manner that gains their customers' confidence and minimizes their anxiety as Gregg Ament and his crew perform with consistency, reliability and thoroughness.
  • Ament Landscaping crews are supervised and appropriately dressed for the job site.
  • Ament Landscaping follows all safety procedures and abides by all applicable codes, regulations and industry standards.
  • Ament Landscaping secures all appropriate work permits.
  • Ament Landscaping is fully insured.
  • Gregg Ament stands behind all of Ament Landscaping's services and addresses any issues in a timely manner.

Landscape Design Consultation
Ament Landscaping offers landscape design consultation and the services of a Landscape Architect based on the size and scope of the project.

For The "Do-It-Yourselfer"
Gregg Ament offers his design expertise to develop a planting plan for individuals who enjoy doing the work themselves. For a reasonable fee, he will design a plan that includes a planting plan with electronically produced before/after images, plant list, site preparation instructions and maintenance suggestions, that the homeowner can use to purchase and install an attractive landscape.


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